Homebound is a game about making choices and managing your mental well-being while in lockdown, inspired by Reigns from Nerial. The choices you make will craft your story, while affecting your happiness, energy and productivity. Can you keep all three from hitting zero? The best way to play is on Android (download link below)! Homebound was created for The Neighbourhood Jam 2020.
My Involvement
My involvement in the project saw the composition of the main soundtrack using Logic Pro X and VSTs from Native Instruments, Spectrasonics and Rob Papen. I also took charge of the development and recording of the game's sound effects, using items found around the home due to the government sanctioned lockdown. 
Story by Lizzi (@LizziOsborne)
Art by Harri (@maanebjorn)
Audio by Luke (@meikaicreativia)
Code by Troy (@TroyMakesGames)

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