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This was my first ever game project whilst studying a BA(Hons) in Game Development Audio at Falmouth University, Cornwall. Showcased at the 2016 Falmouth University Games Academy Conference, this project won an applause for its sound design and music alone. The game was made in Unity 5 and sound was implemented through FMod. 

ALARM (Sound Re-Design) 
This is a re-design of the sound from MESAI Animation's popular short film, ALARM to demonstrate my linear production skills in film. I've always loved this film purely for its attention to detail and I really enjoyed doing the sound design to it. All the sounds you hear are recorded by myself with the CD player effects being that of an old SEGA Dreamcast that's been sitting in my loft for years! You can take the boy out of Game Land, but you can't take Game Land out of the boy! 

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (Sound Re-Design) 
Created by The Astronauts game studio, this AAA game demonstrates my sound design skills for a AAA game title. The grassy footsteps were created by tapping the bristles of a broom whilst the spinning logs of doom (as I've been referring them to as I put the sound together) were recordings of me rocking back and fourth on a rickety desk chair (I did get some funny looks) 

ALARM is copyright MESAI Animation Team and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is copyright The Astronauts.
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