Sound Design Showreel - Featured Projects
My official sound design showreel, showcasing some of the projects I have been fortunate enough to be apart of. 

Gates of Amenti - Bears are O.P. Games
Produced during the second year of my BA(Hons) in Digital Games, Gates of Amenti utilised both the Unity and Wwise engines. My involvement in this project saw me taking the creative lead on both the sound design and musical assets of the game. As well as this, I also worked with the programmer to implement these assets in line with my creative vision, allowing me to grasp a basic understanding of the C# programming language in the process. 

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (Sound Redesign) - The Astronauts
This is a sound redesign to the opening act of the Astronauts' 2014 game, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. All sounds were recorded by me from locations in and around the local community before being edited and arranged using Logic Pro X. 

REMNANT - Axometric Games
This was my first ever game that I was fortunate enough to have worked on whilst in my first year of the BA(Hons) Digital Games course at Falmouth University. For this project, I was the lead sound designer and music composer (music has been removed for the purposes of this showreel), using the Unity and FMod engines. The most notable sounds can be heard in the encounter with Storag where the sounds were made with a drinks straw and a Bag for Life. My sound design and music for this title earned a round of applause from the audience at the annual Falmouth University Games Conference in 2015.

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