Sound Design Showreel - Featured Projects
My official sound design showreel, showcasing some of the projects I have been fortunate enough to be a part of. 

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (Sound Redesign Exercise) - The Astronauts
During the 2020 lockdown, I decided to redo a sound redesign exercise for a university submission back in 2015. Using every day household items and a hand held recorder, I recorded all of the sounds to the opening level of The Astronauts game, 

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. All original sounds to this feature have been removed and replaced by sounds recorded and edited by myself for the purposes of talent demonstration. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is property of The Astronauts.

UE4 Matinee Demonstration - Unreal Engine
A recent addition to my showreel is another lockdown sound redesign. Taken from the demonstration video of Unreal Engine's Matinee feature, I spent a weekend redesigning the sound to this video, once again, using various household items and a hand held recorder. 

All original sounds to this feature have been removed and replaced by sounds recorded and edited by myself for the purposes of talent demonstration. The Unreal Engine's Matinee Demonstration Video is property of Unreal Engine and Epic Games. 

Gates of Amenti - Bears are O.P. Games
Produced during the second year of my BA(Hons) in Digital Games, Gates of Amenti utilised both the Unity and Wwise engines. My involvement in this project saw me taking the creative lead on both the sound design and musical assets of the game. As well as this, I also worked with the programmer to implement these assets in line with my creative vision, allowing me to grasp a basic understanding of the C# programming language in the process. 

REMNANT - Axometric Games
This was my first ever game that I was fortunate enough to have worked on whilst in my first year of the BA(Hons) Digital Games course at Falmouth University. For this project, I was the lead sound designer and music composer (music has been removed for the purposes of this showreel), using the Unity and FMOD engines. The most notable sounds can be heard in the encounter with Storag where the sounds were made with a drinks straw and a Bag for Life. My sound design and music for this title earned a round of applause from the audience at the annual Falmouth University Games Conference in 2015. 

Homebound - 2020 Neighbourhood Game Jam Entry
For this project, I teamed up with some friends who studied with me from Falmouth University to develop a small mobile game for the 2020 Neighbourhood Game Jam under the theme of Wholesome. During the two week sprint, we developed a game that looks at the various challenges we have all had to face during the Coronavirus lockdown. Whilst the music has been removed for the purposes of this showreel, I composed the soundtrack as well as the sound effects. 

The Puzzle and You - Kjell Bunjes
I was approached by Kjell to design the sound effects for his simple, yet, addictive and well received game, The Puzzle and You. Designed during the Coronavirus Lockdown (version Or is it version Who knows? I've lost count), the sound effects were designed in my home, using everyday household objects from a salt shaker to a shampoo bottle. The game is free to download and has been shipped to the Google Play Store with the intention to ship to the Apple App Store later in 2021.

Interactive Technical Sound Design Demonstration

Paper CVs are great and all, but it wouldn't it be much more interesting to experience it and see for yourself what I'm capable of? I thought so too and that's why I created this; an interactive CV! With both the level and sound designed and implemented by myself using the Unreal4 and Wwise engines, this practical exercise was taken from conception to production of the final product to ultimately showcase my skills in an innovative, yet, contextually sound way (pun intended).
If you're interested, I can also Compose Music and Work With Film...